Diversity Education Ambassadors on the Move

Diversity Education Ambassadors are entering classrooms promoting academic diversity programs and the value of being culturally competent. What better way to promote the importance of diversity in education than to allow students who believe in its importance to communicate this to other students, says Dr. Janice Hamlet, Coordinator of Academic Diversity programs.  Students are promoting the academic diversity programs’ theme of preparing students to be culturally competent and socially responsible.

There are many reasons why I wanted to become a diversity education ambassador, according to David Gordon, a senior communication major. “Having the experience of learning about different cultures will help me in the future.”

Daniel Albers, also a senior Communication major notes  “It’s a fun program and really spreads useful information that has a positive influence on the students at NIU.”

Hamlet who is also an associate professor of communication hopes that the diversity education promotion program will grow to the extent that any student, regardless of his or her major, will volunteer to promote diversity education and cultural competency in classes and student organizations. Interested students may contact Dr. Hamlet at