“If you’re going for a career in the foreign sector, you have to go with Chinese. You’re not learning how another country speaks and learns, you’re learning how half the planet works.”

—Guide Sobecki, student, Communications and Sociology major


Chinese Studies

The minor in Chinese combines extensive language training with in-depth study of Chinese literature, culture and society. Expertise in Chinese studies prepares students for international careers in scholarship, diplomacy, banking,business, law, education, public health and other China-related fields.

Type of Program: Minor (24 credit hours)

College: Liberal Arts and Sciences


  • FCLH 101: Beginning Chinese I (3)
  • FLCH 102: Beginning Chinese II (3)
  • FLCH 201: Intermediate Chinese I (3)
  • FLCH 202: Intermediate Chinese II (3)
  • FLCH 311: Advanced Chinese Conversation (3)
  • FLCH 361: Introduction to Chinese Culture (3)

Sample of electives:

  • FLCH 320: Advanced Chinese Reading (3)
  • HIST 344: History of Ancient Chinese (3)
  • HIST445: The Chinese Revolution (3)
  • HIST470: America and Asia (3)
  • MUHL432: Music of China (3)
  • POLS 372: Politics of China, Japan, and Korea (3)


The Language and Learning Center located in Room 101 of Watson Hall provides students with a state-of-the-art facility that provides students with resources such as an audio/video computer lab, a conference room, a theater, as well as an educated staff experienced in a wide-array of foreign languages.

Program Contact:

Dr. John Bentley, Assistant Chair
Foreign Language and Literature
(815) 753-6451

For more information, visit