“The world we live in is full of diversity. Everyone is unique in their own way, but we all share the human race. Taking courses that focus on a diversity minor will not only prepare you for the outside world, it will give insight on some things you would have never known before.”

—Ronnett Lockett, Graduate Student, Counseling major


Black Studies

The minor in Black Studies offers an interdisciplinary education in which students develop critical intellectual skills and a scholarly engagement with issues focusing on an awareness of how race, gender, sexuality and class intersect and operate in the lives of people of the African Diaspora.

Courses in the minor allow students to engage complex social issues using theoretical perspectives that draw upon both historical and contemporary resources. While the focus of the minor is on the African American experience, its educational purposes exist to introduce all students to cultural differences, preparing them to cope with the ever-increasing demands of a multicultural world.

Type of Program: Minor (18 credit hours)

College: Office of the Vice Provost


  • BKST 200: Racism in American
    Culture and Society (3)
  • BKST 219: Introduction to African Studies (3)
  • BKST 300: Foundations of Black Studies (3)
  • BKST 493: African Centered
    Research Methods (3)

Sample of electives:

  • BKST 211: Educating for Cultural Sensitivity (3)
  • BKST 350: Black Economics (3)
  • BKST 405: Contemporary Issues of Black Men (3)
  • ANTH 403: Peoples and Cultures of
    Africa, South of the Sahara (3)
  • HIST 353: Women in African History (3)
  • HIST 375: Civil Rights Movement (3)

The Center for Black Studies is an academic and student support center offering mentoring programs for incoming and transfer students. Center staff also works with the various student organizations, as well as participate in recruitment and retention of African American students. Annual programs include Kwanzaa, Black History Month, Black Graduation, Study Abroad and the African American Leadership Speakers Series. The Center’s focus is on academic excellence, community service, scholarship and leadership.

Dr. LaVerne Gyant, Director
Center for Black Studies
(815) 753-1709
centerblackstudies niu.edu

For more information,
visit www.niu.edu/blackstudies