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Contract Majors

Section III. Item 19.

Appendix C: Contract Major Report Form in PDF Format

Five colleges in the university (Education, Engineering and Engineering Technology, Health and Human Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Visual and Performing Arts) offer students the opportunity to develop an individualized program of study which differs significantly from the university's regular majors. The contract major leads to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.S.), or Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.) Degree.

In conjunction with and under the advisement of a faculty sponsor, the student pursuing a contract major formulates a program of study, using existing university courses, which follows requirements determined by her or his particular college. Individual college requirements for contract majors are defined in the Undergraduate Catalog .

Contract majors are reviewed for approval by the appropriate college curriculum committee. No more than twelve contract-major degrees in a given topic area may be granted over a five-year period. Contract majors are also reviewed by the Committee on the Undergraduate Curriculum (CUC) on an annual basis.

The Contract Major Report Form (see Section III, Appendix C) is designed as a guideline for the development of proposed contract majors and used by colleges to report contract majors to the CUC.

Approved by the Committee on the Undergraduate Curriculum on November 16, 1995. 
Approved by the Undergraduate Coordinating Council, December 7, 1995