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Academic Planning Council Program Procedures

Section III. Item 15.

In addition to program review documents and mission statements, the Academic Planning Council reviews proposals for new programs. New program proposals may include a request for associated funding. The following schedule applies:

New Degree Program Requests

New degree programs require the approval of the appropriate campus curricular bodies, the Academic Planning Committee (APC), the Board of Trustees (BoT), and the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE). In reviewing a new program proposal, it is the responsibility of the APC to assess programmatic fit within the university's mission and its planning priorities and to evaluate rationale, student demand, statewide need, faculty and staff coverage, and adequacy of existing resources. This review can occur simultaneously with, before, or following the review of the proposed curriculum by the designated curricular bodies but, if time permits, the APC review will take place after the program request has gone through the full campus curricular approval process.

New program proposals which include funding requests must be submitted to the President's Office through the Provost by mid-April. They must therefore be reviewed by the APC in January, February or March. Board of Trustees action usually occurs at the June Board meeting. New program requests approved by the Board of Trustees are forwarded to the Illinois Board of Higher Education on July 1; any associated budgetary request will be considered along with all other budgetary requests during the fall. Action by the IBHE usually takes place in December or January. The appropriation bill is ordinarily approved in late spring. Since additional funding will in some cases have to be assured before a new degree program can be fully developed, the implementation of new program proposals which include funding requests may be contingent on approval of the funding.

New program proposals without associated funding requests must be submitted to the Board of Trustees following their approval by all necessary on-campus bodies so that the new program proposals can be submitted to the IBHE on July 1. The IBHE normally acts upon new degree program requests in December or January but may consider proposals without associated funding requests at other times.

Approved by Academic Planning Council, March 28, 1994 
Editorial modifications, June 5, 1997, November 12, 2009