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FAQs About Academic Unions

The administration has received many questions about what the certification means of the United Faculty Alliance of NIU, UPI, IFT-AFT, AAUP, as the union representing tenured and tenure-track faculty

If you have additional questions, please submit them below. Responses will be added as information becomes available.

United Faculty Alliance


What does it mean to be represented by a union?

Will I have union dues/fair share fees deducted from my paycheck, and what amount will be deducted?
Can I remove myself from the bargaining unit?
How did this happen?
I think I signed one of those cards/papers/petitions, but I didn’t realize it meant I was actually voting to form a union. Will revoking my signature change the outcome?
If I did not sign anything and/or am opposed to being represented by a union, am I still required to be represented by the union?
What is the amount of union dues as the percentage of one's salary?
Will the policies and procedures of the university and/or my college remain the same?
Will the existing university faculty/staff grievance procedure continue to be available as a means of resolving disputes that are covered by its terms?
I did not get to vote in an election on the question of establishing a union. Do faculty have the right to vote in an election?
How can I participate in the negotiation process if I am not part of the bargaining team?
Who is in the union, and what faculty positions are included in the bargaining unit?
How is a full time instructor defined?
When did the tenure and tenure-track faculty form a bargaining unit (i.e., unionize)?
Which positions are excluded from the tenured and tenure-track bargaining unit?
I may be moving from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor or from Associate Professor to Professor during the time the collective bargaining agreement is being negotiated. Can this promotional process continue, and can I receive a salary increase associated with my change in rank?
Are tenured and tenure-track faculty in all colleges included in the UFA bargaining unit?
How can I verify whether I am in the UFA tenured and tenure-track faculty bargaining unit?
Instructors must hold appointments of at least 50 percent FTE to be included in the bargaining unit. How is that percentage defined?
Are there any UPI Agreement consequences if an Instructor receives an appointment for less than 50 percent FTE?
If I am now represented by the United Faculty Alliance, will I be able to receive a salary increase if there is a campus salary increment program this year?
When will current negotiations for the UPI collective bargaining agreement be completed?
How long will it take to negotiate the new UFA tenured faculty union collective bargaining agreement?
Will there be department chair participation on the management bargaining team for the tenured faculty unit negotiations?
What topics should be discussed in the annual meeting with the instructors?
Is there a requirement that a UPI representative be present during the annual meeting?
Whom should I contact for more information or if I have questions?
What process is recommended for department chairs and other members of NIU management to contact UPI?

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