General Procedures to Schedule Your Visit

Request Form

  1. Invitations: Asian American Center sends invitation to high schools and community colleges.
  2. Requests: Schools can submit school visit requests by fax or online.  All requests MUST be received at least 3 weeks in advance of the requested visit.
  3. First-come, first-served: The Asian American Center schedules school visit requests on a first-come, first-served basis.
  4. Schedule: Visits are scheduled on weekdays when regular NIU classes are in session. 
  5. Presentations: The Asian American Center staff collaborates with other departments to coordinate speaker presentations, student panels, and campus tours.
  6. Lunch: Lunch can be arranged in the Holmes Student Center's Blackhawk Cafeteria where a Black Plate Special is offered. Individual food items such as sandwiches, desserts, and drinks can also be purchased.  Subway Restaurant is also available in the Holmes Student Center.
  7. Transportation: High schools are asked to arrange transportation to and from NIU (Directions and Map).
  8. Parking: Parking is available in the Visitor Parking Lot for $5.00 per day (Google Map for Visitor Parking).
  9. PLEASE NOTE: School Visits will not be scheduled during NIU Open House Events, Weekends, Final Examinations, or during Administrative Closures (see NIU Open House DatesAcademic Calendar).