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Academic Credit (3-6 semester hours)

This program will provide a service component and offer 3-6 semster hours of course credit for Study Abroad/Service Learning Experience offered through the College of Education, CAHE 497. Each Study Abroad/Service Learning Experience will contain the following three major elements:

  • Leadership: Participants will engage in one day Leadership Institute Exchange with university students abroad.
  • Service Learning Project: Participants will volunteer with not-for profit organizations in each country.
  • Cultural Research: Participants will research and conduct presentations/papers about cultural site visits in Beijing, China.

Study Abroad/Service Learning Experience to China contributes “value added” learning through the following student learning outcomes:   

  • Students will expand their global awareness and cultural competence.
  • Students will enhance their ability to participate in cross-cultural communication and service.
  • Students will foster personal and social responsibility and enhance their interest in solving social problems.
  • Students will develop leadership skills and critical thinking skills.
  • Students will apply and integrate knowledge from academic course work to a 'real world' problem.