Marketing   Online Application

Flyers, handbills, informational pieces, and power point presentations are used regularly by the center and require a marketing intern's creativity! Marketing Intern will be asked to design marketing materials to be used by the center. Intern may be asked to work with a marketing team and/or individually.

May include evening hours and occasional weekends.


Position Title:             Marketing

Location:                    Asian American Center                                                                      

Supervisor:                Director                                              

Employment Period:   Fall & Spring                                                    

Hours Required:         Minimum of 10 hours per week; some nights and weekends            

Academic Credit:       Earning academic credit is an option; student will need to work this out with his/her advisor. Co-op Internship credit is also available through Career Services. 

Primary Responsibilities:

  1. Leadership: Develop marketing tools for the department (brochures, flyers, handbills, identifiers, etc).
  2. Administration:  Establish familiarity with media protocols, use of identifiers, logos etc. Establish system for staff to make marketing requests.  Need to be able to use adobe photo shop and other software.
  3. Programming: Host at least one program at the Asian American Center in collaboration with residence Hall CA's, student organizations, or departments.    
  4. Communication: The successful candidate needs to effectively communicate weekly updates and report marketing ideas and activities.
  5. Team Work:   Intern will be required to participate in weekly staff meetings, NIU Open Houses, and departmental activities when applicable, such as Asian American Welcome Night, Asian American Heritage Month, and Alumni Banquet.  
  6. Diversity & Inclusion: Intern will be working with Asian American student leaders and expected to enhance cultural/diversity competencies to promote an inclusive environment for all regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender, disability, and non-traditional status (including veterans). 
  7. Para-professional Development: Student will participate in para-professional training; develop and submit an updated transition manual/work portfolio.
  8. Other Duties as Assigned.


Candidate must be an NIU student; ability to work evenings and weekends, when necessary; must demonstrate evidence of leadership and communication skills; sensitivity and ability to work with diverse populations; and the ability to develop and maintain effective relationships. It is preferred that the candidate has experience with student organizations, has knowledge of campus resources, and has related cultural experience. 

Expectations: Minimum 10 hours per week. Most of the work will be committee work and project based. Working hours will include some evening work and occasional weekend. The intern's own study schedule will be considered wherever possible.

Internship benefits: This is a great opportunity for a student to gain and apply marketing experience. This internship may also possibly qualify for independent study credit. The director/supervisor of the Asian American Center would also be willing to serve as a potential reference. In addition, this opportunity may enable students to develop a portfolio, listing the different reports produced for the Asian American Center.

Training and supervision: Training provided will include an overview of the office, its mission, core values, and function. Intern will be supervised by the GA and indirectly by the director. Additional training may need to be discussed as needed, particularly if it concerns  training not currently provided by the department.

Logistics: Intern will share office space with other employees. If intern has own laptop this can be helpful.

Compensation: Unpaid internship. Student may wish to receive Co-op Internship credit.