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Trauma, Mental Health & Recovery Lab

About Us

Trauma can come in many forms. From violence against intimate partners and sexual assault, to combat and vehicular accidents, trauma and violence leave few people unaffected over the course of their lives.

The aim of the TMHR lab is to examine how trauma, and interpersonal violence in particular, impact an individualís mental health. Areas of focus include the interrelationships of attachment, world assumptions, trauma history and revictimization in understanding individualsí exposure and reactions to, as well as recovery from, traumatic experiences. Lab members work under the assumption that an individualís history and social location (in regards to gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status) play an important role in understanding how trauma operates within an individualís life.

The Trauma, Mental Health and Recovery Lab is comprised of Dr. Michelle Lilly and a team of excellent graduate and undergraduate students.  Trauma exposed populations of interest include survivors of interpersonal violence, as well as individuals who experience duty-related trauma such as 911 telecommunicators.