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September 10, 2009  

NIU enrollment count shows targets met, overall increase

DeKalb – NIU’s official tenth-day enrollment count shows the university meeting its targets for new freshmen and transfer students and experiencing a small increase in total enrollment compared to the same time last fall.

New freshmen enrollment is 3,033 – an increase of 4.5 percent over last year, and a slightly ahead of the institution’s target of 3,000.  New transfer student numbers came in exactly on target at 2,100.

Enrollment in the Graduate School is up about 3 percent with a total of 5,838 students, while the College of Law’s 309 students represent a 4 percent increase over last fall.

Total enrollment in the tenth-day snapshot was 24,424, an increase of 27 students overall.

“It’s a great vote of confidence in NIU to see even modest enrollment gains in a period of such economic stress,” said NIU President John Peters. “With applications from prospective students at an all-time high this year, it’s clear that NIU continues to offer a very desirable experience and a very valuable degree to the citizens of our region.”

NIU Provost Ray Alden agreed, adding that increases in graduate school applications mirrored those at the undergraduate level, and that the economy seems to be a deciding factor for students at all levels.

“We’re seeing a significant increase in re-entries, post-graduates and visiting students this year, and it’s clear that many are returning to college to re-train and return to the workforce with new skills,” Alden said.

Continuing another recent NIU trend, high school GPAs of entering freshmen have risen again:  According to Brian O. Hemphill, vice president for student affairs and enrollment management, the average new freshman at NIU this fall brings a solid B+ GPA of about 3.28. 

“We’re pleased to have met our numerical targets, but also to see an increase in the academic credentials our students are bringing to NIU,” Hemphill said.  “We have a lot of great programs in place to help students succeed, and these figures indicate that we can count on this year’s class to embrace new leadership roles on campus.”

For a detailed breakdown of NIU’s tenth-day enrollment snapshot, see the chart below:

Fall 2009 10th Day Enrollment Summary

New freshmen
New transfers 
- 2.6%
Total undergraduate
- 0.8%