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John Lewis
John Lewis

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June 19, 2008

John Lewis named executive director
of Northern Illinois Proton Treatment
and Research Center

DeKalb, Ill. — The Board of Managers for the Northern Illinois Proton Treatment and Research Center, LLC, has named John Lewis as the center's executive director.

Over the past three years, Lewis has served as the proton therapy project manager, overseeing its planning.

“John Lewis is incredibly knowledgeable about proton therapy, has a depth of expertise in the health care industry and has championed community engagement throughout his career at NIU,” said NIU Provost Raymond W. Alden III, a member of the proton center’s Board of Managers. “He is supremely qualified to serve as the center’s inaugural executive director.”

Lewis now is responsible for overseeing operations of the proton therapy center, as well as for control of the business and day-to-day affairs of the LLC. He also will continue to serve as associate vice president for Northern Illinois University Outreach.

“John’s experience typifies everything the outreach and engagement model is about, the collaborative interaction of a university with its region in areas of strategic importance,” said Anne Kaplan, Vice President for Administration and University Outreach. “As associate vice president, John leads a team of professionals in building partnerships that generate research, entrepreneurial solutions, support services and educational programs and delivery systems.”

Over his 30-year history at NIU, Lewis has been involved in a variety of administrative roles and at times has been in charge of as many as 100 staff members.

“I’m thrilled to be contributing to the development of the Northern Illinois Proton Treatment and Research Center,” Lewis said. “I’ve long been committed to the outreach efforts of Northern Illinois University, and this project brings together many different facets of the university’s expertise.

“By providing this important cancer treatment option, the center will meet a vital need in the region,” Lewis added. “Equally important, we envision the proton therapy center as a hub of research, training and education efforts. Northern Illinois University will become the first public U.S. institution of higher education concentrating on developing comprehensive educational programs that will teach specific job skills necessary for proton therapy treatment centers here and across the world.”

Lewis holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He previously served as a senior research associate at NIU’s Center for Governmental Studies, specializing in economic-development and health-care research. He also serves as an adjunct professor, teaching the economics of health care within NIU’s College of Health and Human Sciences.