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April 22, 2008

Attention: Editor

Media Alert

The following statement was posted to the NIU website this morning and sent via email to all students, faculty and staff:

In response to a graffiti threat found last night on campus, students, faculty and staff should expect to see heightened security on campus for the next several days. University Police say threats of this nature do not warrant a change in normal campus operations. NIU officials say campus-wide notification about threats of this sort reflects heightened sensitivity to security concerns here and throughout the region. All members of the NIU campus community are urged to remain calm but vigilant, and to report any information they might have about this threat to campus police. 

Given recent proliferation of threat incidents across our region, members of the news media are urged to limit reporting of these incidents as much as possible. Please do not come to campus for the purpose of reporting on this story today, as no interviews will be granted. The presence of news helicopters is particularly unnecessary and unnerving to our campus community, and we ask that media curtail their use in stories of this nature. 

As readers, viewers and listeners across our region have so aptly pointed out, excessive media coverage of campus threats clearly contributes to their proliferation. We respectfully ask that you join us in a partnership aimed at eliminating the public-attention value of these cruel, cowardly and incredibly disruptive acts.