Parking Services


+ Parking permits issued by the university must be displayed in all motor vehicles using university parking facilities except pay-parking, 15 minute parking. See Types of Permits for more information.

+ Parking lots and regular parking permits are color-coded. The colors are blue, brown, green, orange and yellow. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to exchange or return their parking permit if their employment status, student status or residence changes. Please remember that parking permits do not guarantee a parking space.

+ Displaying a parking permit, the color for which one does not qualify, may result in parking fines and/or having parking privileges revoked.

+ Motorcycles, motor-driven cycles, and motorized pedicycles must be registered under the same conditions as other vehicles and are subject to the same regulations as other vehicles. Motorcycles are to be parked only in meter/pay station spaces, 15-minute spaces and designated motorcycle parking areas. Motorcycle permits are available to students, faculty and staff.

+ Pay-parking is available for visitors in designated pay-parking areas and at parking meters/pay stations located throughout campus. Regular permit holders and university-owned vehicles that use pay-parking facilities must pay the daily/meter/pay station fee. Use of the pay lot as a residence hall lot is prohibited except on a weekend. Vehicles left in the pay lot overnight may be charged for the next day's use. Pay-parking is enforced from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday - Friday, unless otherwise posted.

+ Reserved meter parking may be available in some areas. To use a reserved meter parking space, a department-issued reserved meter permit must be displayed on the driver's side of the windshield and the driver must pay the meter. Vehicles parked in reserved meter spaces not displaying a reserved meter permit card will be ticketed for improper parking.

+ Theft of, or damage to, vehicles occurring on university property (including damage to vehicle paint by cooling tower spray, or gravel or stone in unpaved lots) shall not be the responsibility of the university.

+ Though we strive to provide adequate notice of lot closures, University parking lots may be closed for special events, maintenance, and whenever it is deemed necessary without prior notice.

Contractors parking on campus must have a permit for each vehicle parked on campus. Temporary permits are available in the Parking Office for a fee of $5.00 per day or; $10.00 per week or; $25.00 per month. Drivers of such vehicles are responsible for their tickets incurred.

+ University-owned vehicles are not exempt from parking regulations and restrictions. Drivers of such vehicles are responsible for tickets incurred.

+ The posting or distribution of flyers and other such media on vehicles or in the parking garage is prohibited unless authorized by Campus Parking Services.