When your permit is lost or stolen:

+ Please fill out the Parking Permit Loss Report (pdf) and return it to Campus Parking Services immediately.

+ At the time the form is turned in you may either:

  1. Request a temporary parking permit for up to 2 weeks (at no charge) to allow you time to try find your permit. Note: If your permit is not found at the end of the two weeks you will need to purchase a replacement permit for $10.


  2. Purchase a replacement permit for $10. If your permit is found before it expires, you are eligible to receive a refund for the replacement permit when the lost permit is returned to Campus Parking Services.

Filling out the form:

Please complete the Parking Permit Loss Report. The following fields must be filled in by the complainant:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Student "Z" ID number or employee number
  • Daytime and cell phone numbers
  • Date the permit was lost or stolen
  • Place occurred
  • Parking permit number (if you are not sure of the number, Campus Parking Services can look it up for you)
  • Check the appropriate box: Lost or Stolen
  • Describe where your vehicle was when the incident occurred. Any information can aid in the recovery of your permit.
  • Sign your name in the box "Signature of Complainant"

When this form is received by Campus Parking Services, the customer service representative will sign as witness and document the date and time the report was submitted.

If you find your lost permit, contact Campus Parking Services immediately. If found, please return to Campus Parking Services. DO NOT USE THIS PERMIT. A Campus Parking Services representative will assist you in the proper procedure to follow. If you have any questions, please contact Campus Parking Services at (815) 753-1045.