Parking Services

Parking Citation Appeals -
     Any individual believing that a parking citation was issued in error may appeal the citation. This parking appeals process applies to Northern Illinois University parking citations only. City parking and traffic citations must be cleared through the City of DeKalb on or before the date/time stated on the citation.

     a. Appeal forms are available on the AIMS Forms page, in person at the Campus Parking Office or at the NIU Police Department.

      b. An initial review of the appeal will be conducted by Campus Parking Services administration. All appeals not approved by office review are adjudicated by the Campus Parking Appeals Committee. The Parking Office review can only uphold appeals or forward appeals to the Appeals Committee with special instructions. An appeal cannot be denied by this review.

     c. The Campus Parking Appeals Committee reviews appeals for violations and requests for special parking privileges. The committee consists of  ten (10) students, three (3) faculty, three (3) operating staff, three (3) supportive professional staff, one (1) voting member of the Campus Parking Committee, and one (1) non-voting member from Campus Parking Services who serves as a coordinator. Correspondence for the Parking Appeals Committee may be addressed to Campus Parking Services.

     d. Citation appeals must be filed within ten (10) calendar days of the date on the citation.

     e. Broken meter appeals must be filed within 24 hours of the date/time the citation was issued.

     f. Appeals will not be accepted following the 10 day grace period.

     g. If an appeal is denied, a second appeal may be done either in writing or in person if it is requested within ten (10) business days of the original denial date of the first appeal. If you wish to schedule an appointment for an in person second appeal please call (815) 753-1045

     h.  Citations should not be paid if appealed, until a decision has been made on the citation.

What if I have special parking needs?

You may appeal for special parking consideration to the Parking Appeals Committee. Contact Campus Parking Services during business hours for your options. (815) 753-1045.

Campus Parking Citation Appeal form