Sharon Howard Women Who Make a Difference Award

The Sharon Howard Women Who Make a Difference Award, created in 2007, is presented each year to one or two NIU women civil service, professional staff or faculty employees.   The award is presented to chosen recipients at the Awards ceremony in April. 


  • NIU women civil service or professional staff or faculty. This is a one time award.


  • shows outstanding dedication to the empowerment of NIU women by making changes at the unit level
  • makes important contributions to addressing issues that are important to women
  • goes "the extra mile" to assist others 


  • Deadline: 4:30 p.m. on Monday, February 27, 2017!
  • Complete nomination form (below), and submit two additional letters of support to Presidential Commission on the Status of Women at 
  • Questions: 

Nomination Form

Name of Nominee:

Job Title of Nominee:

Department/Unit of Nominee (student/alumni address):

Number of years nominee has been affliated with NIU:

In no more than two pages please describe the way(s) in which your nominee has met the award criteria listed above.

Nominator's Name:

Nominator's Title:

Nominator's Department:

Nominator's Email:

Nominator's Phone:

Reminder: Completed nominations (online nomination form and two letters of recommendation) must be submitted no later than 4:30 p.m.,February 27, 2017.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the nominator to solicit two additional letters of support and submit them with the nomination. If more than two letters are received, only the first two will be considered.  Send letters of support marked "Women Who Make a Difference" in the subject line to

Past Recipients

2016 Recipient: Debra Boughton
2015 Recipient:
 Molly Swick
2014 Recipient: Lisa Roth
Honorable Mention: ADVANCE Grant Team (Chris McCord, Brianno Coller, Amy Levin, Lesley Rigg, and Jeff Reynolds)
2013 Recipients: LaVerne Gyant and Nancy Castle
2012 Recipients: Andrea Drott and Judy Santacaterina
2011 Recipients: Deborah Haliczer and Glenda Jones 
2010 Recipient:  Sue Saari
2009 Recipient- Rebekah Kohli
2008 Recipient - Barbara McCord
Honorable mentions: Mary Crocker, Rebekah Kohli, Margo Santiago
2007 Recipient - Judy Skorek