Interdisciplinary Literacy Education

    Resources for teaching literacy skills through the arts.

    Projects at NIU

    • Storytelling Through Visual Art and Music - A slideshow on an integrative approach to teaching the Arts from NIU art education students with support from both School of Art and School of Music.
    • Visual Culture and Art Education - Art Education faculty and their NIU pre-service students are working with the students and teachers at St. Mary School in DeKalb to create interdisciplinary art lessons that help students to understand the world they live in and to create artworks that express their interpretations of contemporary and historic cultures.
    • Integrating Content Area Instruction and Literacy - Corrine Wickens is partnering with several NIU Secondary Education programs in the College of Liberal Arts and Science to incorporate literacy teaching strategies into other academic content areas.
    • Digital Story Creation - Rhonda Robinson from Educational Technology, Research and Assessment, College of Education, and Kristin Brynteson from the Center for P-20 Engagement, are assisting Genoa Elementary School in the use of digital storytelling activities to impact a variety of different literacy skills.


    • Reading In Motion - Founded in 1983, the Reading In MotionĂ¢€™s mission is to get every at-risk kindergarten through third grade student reading at or above grade level, through the power and discipline of the arts.
    • The ArtsLiteracy Project - The ArtsLiteracy Project (ArtsLit) began in 1996 and "gathers an international community of artists, teachers, youth, college students, and professors with the goal of collaboratively creating innovative approaches to literacy development through the arts."
    • Arts in Basic Curriculum - "Since 1987, the ABC Project has used professional development as one of its most important strategies for working towards giving every child in South Carolina (SC) access to a comprehensive arts education."
    • Picturing America - An initiative from the National Endowmant for the Humanities that brings American Masterpieces into the classroom.

    Curriculum and Lesson Plans