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Events on Campus for Families and Educators

NIU STEM Outreach

STEM Saturdays - Students

Saturdays this spring at NIU DeKalb and NIU Naperville 
Morning and afternoon sessions help students explore STEM concepts through hands-on activities and demonstrations. Spring classes will include robotics, electronics, stop-motion animation, and more! Students can sign up for one or more sessions. Visit the STEM Outreach website for a complete schedule, pricing, and the suggested age range for participants at each class. http://www.niu.edu/stem/community_programs/STEM_Saturdays.shtml

Fragments: Haiti Four Years After the Earthquake – Adults

Through mid-April 2014 Anthropology Museum, Northern Illinois University, Cole Hall
Three and a half years after one of the top five deadliest disasters in the contemporary world, attention to Haiti’s plight has diminished significantly. This exhibition explores what happened to the billions of dollars donated to the cause and why the Haitian people continue to struggle more than ever.

Bright Futures: The Science of Music – Families 

Celebrating Sound

Spring 2014, Various Locations in DeKalb County
Join NIU STEM Outreach, DeKalb Public Library (DKPL), Sycamore Public Library (SPL), and Cortland Community Library (CCL), for hands-on events and activities that explore the intersections of music, sound, science, and technology! The season begins with Celebrating Sound – a simulcasting event in collaboration with NIU’s School of Music. All events are free and open to the public.

Money Smart Week – Students, Adults, and Educators

Money Smart Week

April 5-12, 2014, throughout northern Illinois
From tax preparation assistance to personal finance to saving money with Curious George, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Money Smart Week has something for everyone. Events in collaboration with NIU’s Financial Literacy Collaborative and the DeKalb County Ca$h Coalition are programmed throughout DeKalb County.

STEM Café, Making Credit Work for You: Smart ways to manage your credit – Adults


Tuesday, April 8, 2014, 6:30-8:30 PM, Eduardo’s Mexican Restaurant, 214 E. Lincoln Hwy, DeKalb, IL 60115
Learn from experts about how to manage credit and debt in financially sound ways while avoiding the pitfalls of credit misuse and excessive debt. Attorneys Donna Wallace, Janice Alwin, and Joseph Schorer will provide a lively, humorous presentation about making credit work for you, affording debt, and living debt free. 

edcamp Northern Illinois 2014 - Educators

edcamp Northern Illinois

Tuesday, April 8, 2014, 5:00-8:30 PM, DeKalb High School, 501 W. Dresser Rd, DeKalb, IL 60115
Area educators, teacher candidates, and university faculty are invited to attend the second annual edcamp Northern Illinois. This free after hours unconference is a workshop by educators for educators where participants drive the content. Share new classroom tools, ideas, and strategies; action research findings; and the hot topics in education. Register and sign up for your sessions today!

Brownbag Series – Educators and Adults 

Brown Bag

Tuesday, April 11, 2014, 12:00-1:00 PM TBD
Join the Center for the Study of Family Violence and Sexual Assault (CSFVSA) to learn about and discuss family violence issues. Fred Markowitz of NIU’s Department of Sociology will present on “Police Reponse to Domestic Violence: Situations Involving Veterans Exhibiting Signs of Mental Illness” on March 28. Randy McCarthy of the CSFVSA will present on “Family Maltreatment Before, During, and After Combat Deployments” on April 11. Contact Dr. Julie Crouch (jcrouch@niu.edu) for further information about room locations. http://www.niu.edu/fvsa/brownbag/spring14.shtml

Look Homeward, Angel – Families  

March 27-30, April 3-5, 2014, Huntley Middle School Auditorium, 1515 South Fourth Street, DeKalb, IL 60115
AngelConcentrating on the last third of Wolfe’s story, the play vividly portrays in romantic hindsight Eugene’s longing to go to college and become a writer and breaking away into the wider world. An authentic American classic, this powerful yet tender play captures the sardonic humor and the grief, both private and universal, of Wolfe’s story about a youth coming of age. It is fall in the fictional town of Altamont, Catawba, in the year nineteen hundred and sixteen. In the years leading up to WWI, Eugene has spent his young life juggling the needs and demands of his overbearing mother to help run her seedy boarding house, "Dixieland." Financially and emotionally miserly, she is obsessed by the accumulation of wealth and property. This production, and others for the 2013-2014 season, is at Huntley Middle School Auditorium during the renovation of Stevens Hall at NIU.

James Dashner at NIU - Students, Adults, and Educators

Wednesday, April 9, 2014, 1 PM, Altgeld Auditorium
Join NIU STEM Read for a conversation with auther James Dashner. Dashner is the cretor of the best-selling young adult series The Maze Runner, which is being adapted as a major motion picture. He will discuss his work and writing process before taking questions from the audience. Copies of his book will be available for purchase. This event is free and open to the public.

Summer Camps – Students

Robopocalypse Book Cover

Summer 2014
Registration is now open! Plan ahead and check out the nearly 40 summer camps available for students in grades 1-12. New this year is Preventing the Robopocalypse, an interdisciplinary camp based on Daniel Wilson’s popular novel. NIU offers a wide variety of day and residential camps in DeKalb to help students gain expert knowledge, learn in a fun and safe environment, and get a university experience. From athletics to activism, there's sure to be something for every young learner!

Madness: Minds Pushed to the Edge

July 28-August 1, 2014
Stratford FestivalTravel with Professor Emeritus William Johnson to experience highlights of the Stratford Festival’s 62nd season. Dr. Johnson will provide commentary prior to the productions and be available to answer questions throughout the program. Shows will include Shakespeare’s King Lear, King John, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and either Crazy for You or Hay Fever. http://www.niu.edu/clasep/specialevents/Stratford2014/

Hands-On Physics at Your School and Frontier Physics Road Show – Students and Educators

School Programs PictureNIU STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Outreach can bring 25-100 of the interactive physics displays to your school for a day-long or evening event. Billed as Physics Phun Labs and Frontier Physics Road Show, these investigations are sure to intrigue students from kindergarten through high school.

These popular and dynamic physics demonstration programs can be customized for each audience by choosing themes and concepts that reflect your curriculum. Liquid nitrogen, plasma globes, strong magnets, lasers, diffraction-lensed rainbow glasses, and many other intriguing demonstrations are used to excite students and bring physics concepts to life.

STEM Outreach can also arrange for programs in any of the STEM fields. Faculty or students can visit your classroom or facilitate field trips to NIU's campus. To schedule either the Hands-On Physics or Frontier Physics programs for your school or community, contact Pettee Guerrero 815-753-0533 pguerrero1@niu.edu. Check out the STEM Outreach webpage for an extensive list of on- and off-campus activities.

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