Outreach Communications

Our Services

Outreach Communications approaches each new project with your specific objectives in the front of our minds. We recognize that some clients just need help tying loose ends together, while others are in need of hands on, marketing experts who can influence a project from start to finish. We are here in either capacity.

It is always our hope to help you integrate your creative ideas with your brand identity and infuse them into a successful campaign. An integrated approach to marketing is always the most useful. Ask us how you can benefit from this.

Print & Graphic Design: We take cutting edge graphic design skills and apply them to web and print environments.


Identity Branding: Building an identity for your business or department is the most critical step to success in the marketplace; we follow a process that includes brainstorming, writing, testing and editing.

Web Development: We design websites inside and outside of the NIU template. This includes planning, analysis, design, implementations, innovation, and of course…promotion.


Email Marketing: The most effective way to market your products and services on a tight budget. Gain specific information about your customer base as well!