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Suspend My OneCard

To temporarily suspend any future huskie bucks purchases and NIU privileges, log into Blackboard and follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the myOneCard page.
  2. Sign into MyOneCard using your Z-ID/Account ID and password.
  3. Locate the "Card Services" section and click the associated link
  4. On the "Deactivate Card" page, click the deactivate card button button to suspend activity.

You can also suspend your OneCard by calling NIU Police during non-business hours or by contacting the OneCard Office.  Please view the Report a Lost/Stolen OneCard page for additional information.

Note: You need to visit the OneCard Office during regular business hours to reinstate your card. Also, if your card is linked to a TCF account, you also need to call TCF directly to suspend the debit card capability.