Student Quotes

What Students and Alumni Are Saying...

Tim, Oswego, Accounting, 2012
"I'm really excited about the recreational sports complex. I feel like it'll be a lot of fun for me and my friends."

Jessica, Chicago, Journalism, 2012
"I'm excited about the streets being fixed. It'll definitely help the Huskie Bus get around campus."

Kristen, Roscoe, Meteorology, 2013
"I'm really excited about the changes in the dorms. I think it's good they're personalizing them to what the students want."

Annie, Crystal Lake, Communications, 2013
"More parking is a must! I have a campus parking pass, but more often than not there's no spaces available, leaving many cars driving in circles."

Dan, West Chicago, Kinesiology, 2012
"I'm really interested in the sports complex because I participate in a lot of intramural sports."

Katie, Morris, Early Childhood Development, 2013
"I love playing sports, so I would definitely take advantage of the sports complex."

Amanda, Arlington Heights, Nursing, 2012
"I play intramural indoor soccer for NIU and I would love if they get new soccer fields."

Donna, TX, Education, B.S. 1970, M.S. 1972
"I was the Residence Hall Director at Gilbert Hall from 1973 thru 1976 when the dorm opened to women for the first time. At that time we became one of the first NIU dorms to provide coed floors and 'study' floors. Gilbert Hall's unique atmosphere provided wonderful opportunities for students and staff, as well as its reputation for being 'a real home away from home.' My pictures of Gilbert Hall's Homecoming floats, Halloween dances, floor pizza parties and door decorations that we all so much enjoyed, still bring a smile to my face. I've lived in Texas since 1976, but Gilbert Hall still has a special place in my heart. I'm so happy to see it returning to its original intent as a residence hall."

Linda, Class of 1975
"Although built as a Men's dorm in 1951, Gilbert Hall was an All Women's dorm by 1971 when I arrived there as a freshman. I was at Gilbert Hall for my four years of college. I have fond memories of singing the beer barrel polka as Janice and I polkaed down the hallway (folks had to scramble to get out of our way!). Another funny memory was when we attempted to plant geraniums in the urinals (they didn't survive)."