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New Books

From Furs to Farms
The Transformation of the Mississippi Valley, 1762–1825
John Reda

The Toy and the Twister
Gillian King-Cargile
Illustrations by Kevin Krull

The Toy and the Tide Pool
Gillian King-Cargile
Illustrations by Kevin Krull

Coxey’s Crusade for Jobs
Unemployment in the Gilded Age
Jerry Prout

Robert Nixon and Police Torture in Chicago
Elizabeth Dale

The Right to Be Helped
Deviance, Entitlement, and the Soviet Moral Order
Maria Cristina Galmarini-Kabala

Russia’s Uncommon Prophet
Father Aleksandr Men and His Times
Wallace L. Daniel

Russian Realisms
Literature and Painting, 1840–1890
Molly Brunson

Zofia Na³kowska
Translated by Ursula Phillips

Remember My Beauties
Lynne Hugo


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