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Peter Middleton

Professor Emeritus
M.A., University of California

Office: 815-753-8012

Peter Middleton holds B.A. and M.A. degrees from the University of California, San Diego, and teaches flute and recording techniques  He has performed at National Flute Association conventions and done presentations on repertory, tuning, and electronic extensions of the flute. He has published articles on flute and piccolo recordings, served as an editorial advisor for the Flutist Quarterly, and is a founding member of the Pacific Woodwind Quintet.

Middleton has a patent on an electronic tuning device, has compiled an extensive annotated bibliography on tuning and temperament, and a flute discography listing more than 11,000 recordings performed by 2500 flutists. As a performer and producer he has made recordings for the CBS, Sony, Centaur, CRI, Focus, Crystal and Orion labels. Recently he has been working on the application of regression analysis to musical expression by studying harmonic, melodic and rhythmic microstructures in historical and live flute performances.