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Curriculum Information

Undergraduate students who are considering taking general education courses at an area community college during the summer should first check the NIU Transfer Center Articulation Tables.  You can find exactly what community college course equals what NIU course at this site, and thus make sure that you are taking a course that will count for your NIU degree requirements.   REMEMBER to have the Registrar of the community college send a transcript to the NIU Office of Registration and Records after your summer grades are posted.  Students should also review NIU transfer policies in the Academic Regulations section of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Students with 90 credit hours or more must get permission from the VPA Dean's Office before taking courses off-campus. 

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Graduate Curriculum

Master of Music Specializations Check Lists

  1. Music Education
  2. Performance - Instrumental
  3. Performance - Keyboard
  4. Performance - Vocal
  5. Individualized - Jazz Studies
  6. Individualized - Composition
  7. Individualized - Theory
  8. Individualized - General

Performer's Certificate

View Performer's Certificate Section (pdf)

Required Documentation for Performer's Certificate Research Activity (MUSC 797) (Word doc)

Required Documentation for Performer's Certificate Research Activity (MUSC 797) (pdf)

  1. Description of the Performer's Certificate
  2. Responsibilities of the Candidate
  3. The Program Committee
  4. Requirements
  5. Program Outline