Guitar Audition Information

Classical guitar

  1. Two-octave major and minor scales, reststroke and freestroke, 8th notes at quarter note = 120 beats per minute. Segovia fingerings preferred
  2.  Two or three short works of intermediate difficulty, e.g. Sor Studies 1-5 (Segovia ed.); Brouwer Etudes 1-5; Villa-Lobos Prelude 1

Jazz guitar

  1. Simple sight reading of chords ("Freddie Green" style) and single lines (1st to 5th positions)
  2. Two-octave major, harmonic, melodic and natural minor scales
  3. Be able to perform all of the following jazz standards from memory:  Autumn Leaves, Blue Bossa, All of Me, Misty, Just Friends, How High the Moon, So What/Impressions, Blues on F, C, B-flat.
  4. Be prepared to play melody, chord changes, and an improvised solo, as well as a chord/melody style solo on a jazz ballad (e.g., Misty or Body and Soul)