Distribution Services

Moving Outline

Before Your Move

  • Submit a Department Information Form to HRS. The form is available on the HRS website.


  • Every item must be labeled
  • Wiring, telephone, or any equipment which is fastened to desks, including computers and accessories, must be disconnected. Movers are not allowed to disconnect any electronic equipment.
  • Place labels on each item of furniture to be moved in a visible location.
  • Make sure breakable items are packed carefully and marked "FRAGILE" on boxes.
  • Place small items such as pens, paper clips, rubberbands, etc. in envelopes and place in cartons.
  • All items which will not fit in the moving boxes should be bundled, tied, or taped together and labeled.
  • Typewriter stands which attach to desks must be labeled separately from desks.
  • Pack contents of desks that are to be moved.
  • Place a separate label on lower right-hand corner of glass tops for desks, and remove all papers from under the glass top. Remember to label the desk separately.


  • Empty contents of all lateral files.
  • Standard files will be moved full only when there are no stairs or inclines to contend with and there is elevator service available to multi-level spaces.
  • Lock the file cabinets if possible. If you have a key, place it in an envelope, label it, and pack with desk contents in a carton. If there is no key, make sure the lock plunger is taped so it cannot be depressed.


  • Contents are to be removed and packed into cartons.

Large Metal Supply Cabinets

  • Remove contents and pack into cartons.

Computers, Typewriters and Other Machines

  • Secure typewriter carriage by placing both margin stops at center.
  • Unboxed monitors will be placed in bulk cartons and tranported on dollies.
  • Pack cover and pad in carton.
  • Unplug and wrap cord around machine.
  • All detachable cords should be removed and packed.

Packing Containers

  • Cartons are stacked when moved. Fill and seal them shut, do not over pack.

Non-Boxable Items

  • For all long, odd-size items that cannot fit into the cartons, group and securely tie as one unit using one tag.

Disassembled Items

  • Tag each piece of the item. For those who have workstations, label each panel component and overhead cabinet.

Bulletin Boards

  • Remove all items before labeling.
  • Place label, take it down and lean it against the wall.

Photographs, Art

  • Larger and valuable paintings should be carefully packed or privately moved. (University-owned paintings should be moved by University Art Gallery personnel). Contact them at 753.1936.

Personal Items

  • The movers are not responsible for personal items such as money, trophies, awards, collectibles, plants, etc. It is suggested that you move these items on your own.

After Move

  • Empty plastic totes with carts and cartons as soon as possible. Cartons should be broken down flat. Call in a work order to 753.6280 to have them picked up and returned to Materials Management for reuse.