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Moving Instructions

The following information is intended to assist you in preparations for your move. These suggestions should clear up most common concerns many people have about getting ready to move.


Departments and office occupants are responsible for obtaining all supplies for moving as well as packing and labeling all items to be moved. Boxes, tape, labels, and dispensers may be purchased from Central Stores Office Supplies. The preferred box size is 17 inches in length, 13 inches in width, and 13 inches in height. Used boxes or plastic totes with carts, when available, will be provided at no charge by calling 753.6280.


The boxes should be prepared for packing by first folding in the smaller flaps, then the larger ones (do not interlock the flaps) and tape the entire length of the seam with box sealing tape. After packing, tape the top of the box in the same manner. The boxes should be marked on the sides, not ends, in large letters with a large, black broad-tip permanent marker. The marking should contain the department name, owner name and the destination of the contents. Load plastic totes according to manufacturer's instructions.

Please do not load big boxes with books or files as these get to be heavy and the box may rip open during handling, thus damaging the contents.

Personal Items

All personal items such as mugs, pictures, plants, photos, or any fragile items (glass, ceramics, artwork, trinkets, etc.) will be your own responsibility to move. We suggest that everyone pack up such items a few days before the move and leave them in your car or take them home until everything is moved to the new location.


All storage cabinets, desks, shelving, bookcases, etc., must be emptied and the contents packed up. Desk drawers should be emptied and locked (if key is available) or taped shut (masking tape shouldn't leave marks on desks).

File cabinets: For a move within the same building, vertical files (4 drawers or less) can stay full if no stairs or inclines are involved and there is elevator service available. For a move to a new building, all file cabinets must be emptied and the contents boxed up. All lateral file cabinets must be emptied and contents boxed up as these cabinets could sustain damage due to their construction. All file cabinets should be locked if a key is available. If no key is available, please wrap tape around cylinder to prevent accidental locking during the move.

Moving Tags

Moving tags for furniture, computers, chairs, unboxed equipment, cabinets, bookcases, wastebaskets, etc., are available through Central Stores. Masking tape may also be used. Post-It notes have a tendency to fall off and are not recommended.


Please contact DoIt prior to your move date at 753-8100.  Phones should be labeled as previously mentioned under “Moving Tags”.  Keep them plugged in and do not pack or move them. NIU Telecommunications technicians will move the equipment to the new location. They will also handle your installation and requirements for telephone transfers and computer hook-ups in your new spaces.

Surplus Furniture

Furniture that is no longer needed by your department should be surplused to Property Control for reassignment to other departments within the University, as there is generally a waiting list for many types of furniture and equipment. Please do not promise any surplus items to other departments. All surplus furniture is moved to Materials Management where it is then offered on a “first come, first serve” basis. Please inform those who are trying to claim your furniture that they will have to wait until it is available at Materials Management.


Other duties that each department is responsible for include:

  • Contacting Campus Mail Services, 753.6286, for mail delivery changes.
  • Putting a work order in for disassembling and reassembling of any desks (that have returns and/or workstations attached), workstations, bookshelving, electrical disconnections of workstations or hardwiring needs with the Physical Plant Work Order Desk at 753.1741. This should include all attached items, even those not being moved to the new space.
  • Calling Document Services to ensure that your rental copier is scheduled to move with you. If your department owns the copier, you are free to make your own moving arrangements.