Internship Option (ILAS 390 or 602)


The internship (ILAS 390 or 602) is an option providing 3 semester hours (120 clock hours on site) toward the undergraduate or graduate certificate in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies. The internship provides practical field experience to compliment and support the learning process in the classroom. When properly planned, the internship is a meaningful learning experience that contributes positively to the student's academic development.

[NOTE: All internship related forms are available for download to the right or in the LGBT Studies Program office in Reavis Hall, Room 103. It is your responsibility to keep copies of all completed forms for your records.]

Planning and Eligibility

In order to ensure that the internship is a valuable experience for both the student and the cooperating agency or sponsoring major department, goals and activities need to be planned well in advance. Students normally pursue an internship after completing all of the certificate coursework (9 semester hours). To be eligible for the internship, students must be in good standing with the University; have junior or senior standing for ILAS 390 (S/U grading) or graduate standing for ILAS 602; obtain consent of the LGBT Studies Certificate Coordinator with approval of the internship site.


Internship requires careful planning. Allow at least a month of preparation time. Complete the following tasks before beginning your internship:

  1. Write a one to two-page statement that explains what you hope to gain from participating in the internship. Include an explanation of specific interests and/or subjects related to LGBT Studies that you would like to explore during the internship. Identify specific outcomes that you hope would result from your participation in the internship, and how you will measure these outcomes.
  2. Meet with the LGBT Studies Certificate Coordinator to discuss possible internship placements and specific expectations for the internship.
  3. Identify an appropriate internship site and supervisor, and obtain approval of the LGBT Studies Certificate Coordinator. The supervisor must also agree to the placement.
  4. Register for ILAS 390 or 602.
  5. Obtain liability insurance where required by the internship site. Obtain and abide by any other agency requirements (i.e. criminal background check or drug testing).
  6. Complete Sections I-IV of the Learning Plan and Contract with your agency supervisor. Provide a final copy for the LGBT Studies Certificate Coordinator and agency supervisor. Also, retain a copy for yourself.

* IMPORTANT NOTE TO INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Consult with the International Student and Faculty Office before you begin your internship. Federal laws governing your to participate in internships are complicated and change from time-to-time. Your immigration status is your responsibility.

Once your internship is underway, it is important to complete the following tasks:

  1. Complete all activities outlined in the Learning Plan unless renegotiated with your agency supervisor and the LGBT Studies Certificate Coordinator.
  2. Provide an evaluation of the degree to which the objectives in the Learning Plan were met.
  3. Give the agency supervisor an Agency Evaluation of Intern form and ask them to fill it out and return it to the LGBT Studies Certificate Coordinator.

Learning Plan and Contract

  1. Purpose

    The Learning Plan and Contract outline the three-way expectations agreed upon by you, the agency supervisor, and your program adviser. The Learning Plan and Contract assure that the agency supervisor and the LGBT Studies Certificate Coordinator understand and agree to your role and responsibilities at the internship site. In addition, they serve as a basis for your self-evaluation as well as the evaluation of your internship by your agency supervisor and the LGBT Studies Certificate Coordinator.
  2. Completing the Learning Plan

    The Learning Plan is organized to encourage you to link together your learning objectives with your plans for internship activities. It consists of five sections - Internship Activities, Objectives for Each Activity, Supervision and Monitoring, Attainment Criteria, and Evaluation.
    1. Internship Activities: Based on your particular interests and goals, determine when talking with your agency supervisor and the LGBT Studies Certificate Coordinator what major activities you will perform while at the agency. Indicate the specific projects and assignments you will be responsible for and the percentage of time to be devoted to each
    2. Objectives for Each Activity: In this section, identify the specific learning objectives for each activity. Determine what you plan to learn from each activity. Be specific and use concrete, measurable terms to describe the objectives. The objectives should correspond to your overall interests and goals for the internship.
    3. Supervision and Monitoring: Describe how each of the objectives will be
      monitored and supervised by the agency supervisor or others in the organization. Also indicate the specific products (e.g., reports) that will be produced as a result of each of the activities.
    4. Attainment Criteria: In this section, list the criteria that will be used to assess the degree to which you have achieved each of your objectives.
    5. Evaluation (Attainment of Objectives): This section is to be completed independently by the intern and the LGBT Studies Certificate Coordinator at least one week prior to completion of the internship. For each criterion, indicate the degree to which it has been met using a scale of 0-3, with 3 representing complete attainment. Also, explain the rationale for your score in each case.