Tunnel Of Oppression

The Diversity Initiatives Committee

for Housing and Dining presents the 2nd Annual Tunnel of Oppression

Tunnel of Oppression began in the residence halls of Western Illinois University in 1993-1994. Using the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, CA as a model,  students created “Tunnel of Oppression” (TOO). TOO is a program illustrates various forms of oppression (ageism, sexism, racism, bullying, etc) to the forefront of our perceived reality.

Participants are lead through 10-15 “tunnels” with 2 minute scenes that display different social justice issues using graphic media, theatrical vignettes, powerful readings, and interactive role playing. TOO is designed to challenge your own biases and by the end of the program, bring you together to advocate for social justice.

Last year TOO was held for one day, yielding close to 100 participants. This year Tunnel of Oppression is scheduled for Monday April 7th-Wednesday April 9th, 2014 5pm-9pm in the Duke Ellington Ball room. Tours run every 30 minutes beginning at 5pm. The last tour concludes at 9pm. Tours are held on a first come first serve basis so early arrival is strongly suggested. Don't miss this transformative experience!

For more questions, please contact Jasmin Thurston at jthurston@niu.edu.