Trending Questions (as of March 26)


You've been admitted to NIU but haven't gotten a lottery number to select your room yet

You have to submit a Housing & Dining contract along with you $150 prepayment (or be granted a deferral) before you are issued a lottery number.

You can't get in to the student room selection module

Check your browser, the program is compatible with Internet Explorer and Firefox. It will not work with Google Chrome or Safari. If you have a compatible browser, be sure you have  you pop up blockers turned off. If you still have problems call our office (815) 753-1525. 

Winter break housing options

The "no WB" code by rooms on the room selection screen means that if you select a room in that hall you will not have the option to stay in that room over the University winter break (December 13, 2014 - January 8, 2015). The only halls that offer winter break contracts are New Hall West and Neptune West. A limited number of temporary winter break contracts may be available in Neptune West on a first come first served basis.

Having problems with roommate pull in?

Check the number you are using to pull the person in. For a new student the password is the application # found on your lottery letter, not the person's ZID password. You should never give anyone else your ZID password. You can only pull another person in as your roommate if they have been admitted to NIU and if they have already completed their Housing & Dining contract.

Is there still room available in New Hall?

Yes! There are still hundreds of bed spaces available. Women who are trying to find a mini-suite to move in to with a roommate should call our office (815-753-1525) for assistance. There are still plenty of women's spaces available, but all of the current open spaces have only 1 bed space open. Every time we have opened a new room to try to make it available for female roommate pull in, one student has taken a side. Closing some completely vacant rooms to keep them available for women requesting to be roommates is the best strategy we have for keeping this option open for you. There is currently still plenty of completely open mini-suites for men.

The Living Learning Community associated with your major doesn't show up

Only a limited number of options show up for each person. If something for which you think you are eligible does not show up just call our office, (815) 753-1525. We can quickly check and reset your eligibility for you. This sometimes happens if you have recently changed majors or are eligible for three or more Living Learning Communities.