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Internet Options for On Campus Living

Students and staff living in the NIU residence halls and Northern View Community have several options for connecting their computers to the Internet. Authentication to Cisco NAC is required in order to use the NIU network in the residence halls and Northern View Community. Residents are charged for ResNet Access & Support, which includes support of the hard wired and wireless connections in the residence halls and NVC; residents should contact the ResTech Helpdesk at 815-753-6267 if they experience any problems getting online.

  • Ethernet - High-speed, "always on" wired ethernet connections are available in the rooms of every residence hall and in the Northern View Community apartments. For more bandwidth-intensive activities such as video streaming, we suggest you try the hard wired Ethernet connection in your room. Residents will need a computer that supports an RJ45 ethernet connection and one ethernet cable (Category 5, 5e, or 6).
  • NIU Wi-Fi is available in all residents' rooms, the floor lounges, the public spaces in every residence hall and in the Northern View Community apartments and Community Building. This includes all meetings rooms, dining rooms, laundry rooms, computer labs, and the Neptune Central 1st floor fireplace lounge and Trident.  Residents need an 802.11b wireless network card to connect to NIU Wi-Fi. Click here to view the requirements for using NIU Wi-Fi in the residence halls and Northern View Community.

    For more information, setup tutorials, and instructions, visit the SecureNet Website.

    The following devices are known to NOT support WPA2 Enterprise:
    • Kindle Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + 3G
    • Xbox 360 or Xbox Wireless Network Adapter
    • Sony Playstation 3 and Sony PSP
    • Nintendo Wii, DS, DSi and 3DS
    • Apple TV 1st and 2nd Generation
    • Nook v1.5
    • Roku HD/XD/XDS Streaming Player
    • TiVo Wireless Network Adapter

*This list is not comprehensive and will change as new information becomes available. Wired connections may work for some devices.*

Personal routers and/or wireless access points are prohibited in the residence halls and Northern View Community. These devices can interfere with NIU Wi-Fi and can cause a degradation of the NIU provided service. Unmanaged switches can be used if residents want to connect more than one device in their room.

Personal Routers or Network Devices

NIU does not permit residents to install their own wireless routers.

If personal wireless routers are detected on the network, ITS will either block the IP or MAC address of the router, or block the entire port in the room. The student will then be contacted by ResTech staff, the NIU Abuse Investigator, or network engineers (depending on the severity and time of day).

ResNet Access & Support

All residents of the halls and Northern View Community will be assessed $92 per semester (fall 2014, spring 2015, and summer 2015) for ResNet Access & Support.

The funds collected enable NIU to provide Internet access and support to residents, including dedicated Internet access to every room in the residence halls, NIU Wi-Fi in all floor lounges and student rooms, infrastructure upgrades, and support for the service provided by the ResTech Helpdesk and ITS.