On-Campus Housing

Keys and Security: 

Security and Safety is Up to YOU!!

  • Keeping your key with you at all times will help keep your room and floor secure.
  • Do not give your key to anyone else.
  • Getting locked out of your room or losing your key costs you money.

Locked Out?

When your key is in your room and you are locked out of your room go to the front desk and request a loaner key.
Charges for a loaner key:

1st time – no charge

2nd time – $10.00

3rd time – $20.00

4th time and anytime after - $30.00 and referred to staff for possible disciplinary sanctions.

****You must return key within an hour or be charged for a Temporary Key****

Temporarily Lost Key:

When you can’t find your key and might have left it at home or at friend’s place.
1st time - $30.00
2nd time and anytime after - $30.00 and referred to a staff member for possible disciplinary sanctions.
A key can be checked out for 7 days maximum.

  • After 7 days, staff request an automatic core change and the student responsible is charged for materials and labor to change locks (average costs $140 - $160).
  • Once a core change happens you are billed.

Dropped Keys Down Elevator Shaft:

Option 1

  • Wait for scheduled elevator shaft search approximately at 1st and 15th of each month.
  • You must checkout a temporary key.
  • Keys found during elevator search are returned to front desk.

Option 2

  • Request Physical Plant staff to retrieve keys during work hours (M - F 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.).
  • You are billed labor charges for elevator repair staff to retrieve keys.

Option 3

  • Request Physical Plant staff to retrieve keys after work hours, weekends, or holidays.
  • You are billed for regular labor charges, plus overtime or holiday charges.

**There is no guarantee that elevator personnel will find your keys during the search**

Keeping track of your keys saves you money.