Employment FAQ


How do I get a job with Housing & Dining?

  • Start by searching our employment section for a position you would be interested in.  Different positions require different application procedures.  Follow the procedure outlined for the position you are interested in.  Most require an application and a copy of your resume.

What kind of jobs does Housing & Dining offer?

  • Undergraduates – Housing & Dining has a wide array of hourly positions available to undergraduate students.  You might choose to work at the front desk, in a computer lab, in one of our dining units, or with our special events team.  Keep checking our employment section for many opportunities for undergraduate employment.
  • Graduates – Housing & Dining offers many different types of graduate assistantships to incoming and current NIU graduate students.  You might apply to be a Graduate Hall Director, a Graduate Assistant for Dining Services, or work with our Marketing & PR team.  Be sure to check out the graduate section on our employment page for lots of resources and opportunities.
  • Professional Staff – Looking for a full-time or part-time position with Housing & Dining?  Be sure to keep an eye on our employment section for professionals and the NIU Human Resources website for open positions.

How much do student workers get paid?

  • On average, student workers get paid minimum wage.  There are some exceptions to this as certain positions require specialized skills that bring a higher hourly wage.  Wage information will be posted with all job postings in our employment section.

Will my work schedule accommodate my class schedule?

  • At Housing & Dining, we understand that you’re a student first and our employee second.  Given advance notice, your supervisor will arrange your work schedule around your class schedule and accommodate any final exams you may have to take.