On-Campus Housing

Channel 8 and 20

Housing & Dining maintains two channels for its residents, Channels 8 and 20. Each month, Channel 8 plays current movies based on the requests of residents along with some older favorites when enough residents request them.

Channel 8 Movie Listings

On Channel 20, the Housing & Dining message board plays 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This message board provides students with information about important housing deadlines, events on campus, and notices from the Residence Hall Association, Huskie Athletics, and other campus organizations. 

Channel 20 Slides - Guidelines and Specifications

Qualified campus organizations can submit a request to post a message on Channel 20. If you would like to submit a slide application please follow the Guidelines and Specifications.

Things to consider when designing your slide:

Readability. If people can't read your slide, whether it's on a 13" CRT screen or a 48" plasma, it won't matter how cool and edgey your graphics are; your readers will become frustrated and immediately move on.  Use very little text and make the font large.  The slide will only show for 30 seconds.

Aesthetics. You don't have to be a graphic designer to put together a visually effective image. Simple color coordination and a little creativity can go a lot farther than all the custom graphics and typefaces in the world.

Here are a few simple tips:

  • Use white or a light color for backgrounds behind text.  It's very hard to read text on a black or red background.
  • Use images to convey what your message is about.  It catches the reader's attention and gets them to notice your slide.
  • Use very little text.  The slide is shown for 30 seconds.  Make sure your reader gets your main points very quickly, like date, time, and location.