We hope you are enjoying the new washers and dryers. The new pricing is $1.25 per washing cycle and $0.75 per drying cycle. Huskie Bucks are needed to utilize the laundry services; more information about adding Huskie Bucks to your OneCard can be found at

The new laundry service is also environmentally friendly and technologically savvy. The upgraded washer model leaves less water in clothes which results in faster drying and more energy efficient dryer cycles. In addition, the model utilizes less water and less detergent per load. The washing machines require high efficiency laundry detergent and only 1/4 a cup is needed per cycle. This results in less soap waste being dumped into the community's sewage system. Not only are these new washer/dryer duos more eco-friendly but they are also techno savvy. ASI Campus Laundry offers online services which alert you when units are available or when your units have completed a laundry cycle.

Housing & Dining is pleased to introduce eSuds, the new laundry monitoring
system. Find out which washers and dryers are available before making a trip
to the laundry room, or receive e-mail notification when your laundry is

Follow this link: . Then
choose which washers and dryers you want to monitor by checking off the boxes.
Type in your e-mail address and click Notify Me. As soon as that washer or
dryer becomes available, you will receive notification.

General Tips:

When washing laundry in the residence halls, the following tips may be helpful:

Use ½ the amount of detergent.

Because these are efficiency washers, half the usual amount of detergent is recommended. More soap does not make clothes cleaner. It makes them sudsier and does not allow them to rinse properly.

Use liquid detergent whenever possible.

While powder detergent will work, the best results are produced by liquid detergent. It is recommended for these types of machines.

Sort laundry thoughtfully.

Clothing with dark dyes can stain other clothing. Sometimes new blue jeans can do this as well. Students are encouraged to wash clothes with like colors and to be mindful of water temperature.

Check for:

  • Items in pockets
  • Loose buttons
  • Open hooks and zippers
  • Spots or stains

Loose items can be lost in the wash or can cause damage to clothing and machines. Open hooks and zippers can latch on other clothing and cause your clothes to tear. Heavily soiled spots and stains should be treated with liquid detergent or a pre-treatment stain remover to prevent them from permanently remaining on clothing.

Load machines only to capacity.

Clothing should be placed loosely in the machine and only within the designated capacity. Damage can be caused to clothing and the machines if they are overloaded. Packing clothing tightly can result in clothes not being properly washed.

Laundry equipment located within the residence halls is owned and operated by an outside vendor, ASI Laundry Services.

They are responsible for all maintenance, repairs and issues related to operation of the laundry equipment. As a liaison between residents and ASI, the Work Request Office works diligently to process the service requests reported by residents.

We hope this information has been helpful. If you have any other questions, call the Work Request Office at 815-753-4948.