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Financial Cents is a campus-wide, comprehensive financial literacy program aimed at increasing student financial awareness and knowledge. Financial Cents covers a wide variety of financial issues and education through programming, workshops, informational booths, campus referrals, community involvement, and an educational and interactive website.

The goal of Financial Cents is to provide students with resources and education to enable them to make informed financial decisions with the understanding that the choices they make today affect their financial future. 

The program is advised by a board comprised of representatives from all over campus.

Mission Statement

The Financial Cents program is designed to improve financial literacy of NIU students and the local community by conducting outreach and providing a variety of resources empowering participants to make informed financial decisions. 

Goals of Financial Cents

  • Offer opportunities for Peer Educators to create and promote meaningful financial programs with a lasting effect on the campus and local community
  • Provide an outlet for Peer Educators to apply classroom experiences in a real world setting and encouragement of the development of leadership, teamwork, and communication skills.
  • Improve overall financial literacy on campus and in the community by providing a variety of outreach efforts tailored to meet each audience’s needs
  • Utilize appropriate technology including Facebook, Financial Cents web resources, and student blogs to enhance financial awareness
  • Maintain participation in Junior Achievement allowing Financial Cents an outlet into local K-12 schools to advance community financial literacy, enhance Peer Educator teaching skills, and draw the successful methods of a renowned financial education program.
  • Establish Financial Cents as the leading financial literacy resource in the NIU community
  • Continuously strengthen and maintain relationships across campus to facilitate the fluidity and effectiveness of the program
  • Preserve an overall positive attitude within the program fostering fun, inventive, and creative initiatives