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Off-Campus and Non-Traditional Student Services (OCNTSS) works to welcome, incorporate, and promote non-traditional students in the NIU community. This includes recognizing those students who have taken a different path, taken extra steps, persevered over struggles or simply have a great story to tell about their academic and life journey. Recognizing the contributions that these students provide to NIU fosters their sense of visibility and advocacy on campus, in addition to encouraging a stronger presence on campus. These nominees will be considered for our annual Eli Whitney Award.

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Warren Komis


Previous Studies: United States Navy, Judson University, College of DuPage, Elmhurst College

Current Studies: Public Health- Emphasis: Health Promotion, B.S. (May 2015)

Mr. Warren Komis is a dynamic and dedicated student. He exemplifies diligence, tenacity, and resilience. A proud Navy Veteran, Warren served our nation for five years as active duty personnel, and another three in the Reserves. Throughout his years in the military, Warren received Navy Achievement medals for his improvements in the medical department, which in turn, helped streamline service and improve overall satisfaction.

Immediately after a Navy deployment, Warren decided to attend NIU to further his education. When his enlistment contract was complete, he became a full-time student and took on a total of three jobs. As a Public Health Student, an internship is required for graduation and an open mind to be a successful health professional. Warren sought out opportunities to add to his already busy schedule and ones that will set him apart from the rest. He currently is completing internship hours at the “Open Door Clinic” which is in collaboration with “Rita’s Ministries”, and hopes to complete his LGBT certification upon graduation this May. Warren is passionate about his future career in the Public Health field and expects to begin his Masters of Public Health at Benedictine University this fall.

Among his many hats, Warren also wears the hats of “father” and “husband”. Warren is married to Mrs. Jennifer Komis and have two lovely children, Quenten (4) and Wyatt (3). All are also members of NIU’s College Parents Group.

Personal Motto: “Put your best foot forward!”

Advice for fellow Huskies: “Don’t give up, just keep going!”