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Interdisciplinary Studies

SEAS 225: Southeast Asia: Crossroads of the World (3 credits), previously known as ILAS 225)

FALL 2015:
TTh 12:30–1:45 PM
Wirtz Hall 103B
Instructor: Eric Jones

Description: Interdisciplinary introduction to the varied cultures of Southeast Asia focused on the general theme of unity within diversity. Examination of the linkage of Southeast Asian art, music, dance, literature, and architecture with other segments of the Buddhist, Islamic, Christian, and animistic societies of the region.  This course can be used toward the SEAS minor course requirements and the interdisciplinary general education requirement.

SEAS 625: Southeast Asia: A Multidisciplinary Perspective (3 credits)

FALL 2015:
Th 2-4:40 PM
Founders Memorial Library 354
Instructor: Trude Jacobsen

Description: Interdisciplinary introduction to the varied nations and cultures of Southeast Asia at the advanced level. Taking a "Great Books" approach, the course reviews classics in the field by setting them in contrast to recent important books that extend or challenge these classic approaches. Topics covered include history, politics, anthropology, gender concepts, religion and art. Core course for graduate certificate in Southeast Asian studies.

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