New Ideas in Teaching: Gaming in the Classroom

March 7, 2018


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Get Your Game On!

Put your game piece on start and get ready to discover easy ways to incorporate gamification and gaming into your classroom. Our experts will take you on a fun-filled adventure as you explore— 

  •  What is Gamification and why should I care? We’ll dig into the elements of gamification and discuss how you can use them to grab students' attention and get them excited about learning.
  • STEM Read: Creating game-based learning experiences from fiction: Learn the science while you live the book by experiencing one of STEM Read’s unique book-based challenges. You’ll also get a peek behind the game-creation process with STEM Read’s development team.
  • Table-Top Take-Over: Play the games you should be using in your classroom. Get ready to play as we explore some of the best table-top games for all subject areas.

This is sure to be a win-win for everyone!