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External Programming

CLASEP Newsletter

Fall 2016

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences External Programming (CLASEP) provides expert programming that connects learners of all backgrounds to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) non-credit opportunities. We develop educational programming to engage diverse audiences such as pre-collegiate, collegiate, regional educators, professionals, and lifelong learners, whether they are seeking formal education, continuing education, or career advancement.


Upcoming Programs

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Creative Writing Camp
June 17-22

Spanish Immersion Camp
June 24-29

Film Camp
June 24-29

Digital Photography Day Camp
June 25-29



Academic Writing Camp
July 8-13

Speech and Debate Camp
July 8-13

Social Justice Day Camp
July 9-13

Comedy Writing and Performance Camp
July 15-20

Master Gardner Day Camp
July 16-20

Creative Writing Day Camp
July 23-27

Chinese Language and Culture Day Camp
July 30-August 3