Strategic Alliances

This website reveals the results of over a decade of research and development in northern Illinois. It will hopefully serve to inform others about the models, strategies and results of these initiatives. Further, it is our intention to encourage more work of this kind, as there are definite positive implications and results, both quantitative and qualitative in nature, upon which to base further research and development.
Strategic Alliance: Full Publication
  • Curriculum Modules (Rockford website mirror)
  • PHYS-MA-TECH Supplements 200 Updates
    • The unabridged text, including full data analyses by year, and evaluation data and results, 1997 - 2003.
    • A full-text version of PHYS-MA-TECH, the foundation for Strategic Alliances.

    • A downloadable version of the CDROM published by American Association of Higher Education (AAHE)

    • Reflective Practice 2008 Secondary Models & Programs


    Strategic Alliances

    This resource is most valuable to users who want the unabridged version of the Strategic Alliance text.

    The extended evaluation data require the use of Adobe Acrobat; the complete data analyses can be viewed either through Adobe Acrobat or a normal web browser. All other sections can be viewed through a normal web browser.

    These resources are most valuable for teachers interested in seeing the 102 curriculum modules developed, users interested in more information about the businesses partnerships involved, or users who are interested in browsing the gallery of images taken throughout various stages of the project. This resource is most valuable to users interested in the entire scope of the Strategic Alliance project, or those specifically interested in finding more information about the PHYS-MA-TECH project.

    PHYS-MA-TECH includes 12 integrated physics, mathematics, and technology curriculum modules, as well as a complete report on strategies, models and research.

    The PHYS-MA-TECH project requires the use of Adobe Acrobat.

    This resource is most valuable to users who wish to download the CDROM in whole or in parts. All chapters are included as .pdf files, so require the use of Adobe Acrobat.

    The AAHE version does not include the data analysis section of the research report (Chapter 33). This information is included in the Unabridged Publication version on this website. See "Findings by Year" 1997-2003 listed under Chapter 33.

    The AAHE CDROM includes only year one of the project evaluation data. Full data analyses are included in the Unabridged Publication as an additional chapter (36).

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