CEET ResearchFaculty in the college are engaged in a broad array of research sponsored by private industry and agencies such as the National Science Foundation, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory and the State of Illinois.

 Project Title




Dean's Office

Aerospace Micro-Mesoscale Manufacturing (AM3)Demonstration  Facility The AM3 open manufacturing program addresses the productivity limitations of the current generation of direct digital manufacturing. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency Mansour Tahernezhadi
UV-Vis and FTIR Spectroscopic Analysis This project's purpose is to perform spectroscopic testing and analysis. Lorin Industries Mansour Tahernezhadi
NIU-Enhancing Engineering  Pathways:  An Integrated Outreach and Mentoring Program  to Strengthen the STEM Pipeline for Females Students from Middle School to College This program focuses on sustaining the present program by providing newer hands-on opportunities to middle-school girls and by strengthening the mentoring chain. Motorola Foundation Suma Rajashankar
Project ENGINE: Engineering the Next Gen Initiative for Northern Illinois Engagement Funds are used for professional development experiences for middle-school math and science teachers through an intensive workshop program with follow-up visitations during the school year. Illinois State Board of Education Mansour Tahernezhadi
Copper Silver Ionization  (Phase I) This project's goal is to enhance the performance of the copper silver ionization system by establishing relationships between amount of current that passes through the electrodes, water flow and ionic concentration. Liquitech Inc. Mansour Tahernezhadi

Electrical Engineering

Device Parameter Extraction and Modeling This project's purpose is to provide electronics knowledge and skills in support of Argonne National Laboratory's Process Technology Research Section. Argonne National Laboratory Ibrahim Abdel-Motaleb
 Reforming Power  Semiconductor  Education This project's purpose is to organize a conference session to discuss topics related to developing and delivering an "Integrated Power Electronics Curriculum from Components to Systems." National Science Foundation Ibrahim Abdel-Motaleb
Design and Testing a Microchip for Testing Liquid Cooling of 3D ICs This project's goal is to design a microchip that includes arrays of heaters and temperature sensors to measure the chip temperature. Tezzaron Semiconductor Corp. Ibrahim Abdel-Motaleb

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Improving Warehouse Operations at 3M Distribution Center This project's goal is to improve operations at the new 3M distribution center in DeKalb. 3M Corporation Purushothaman Damodaran
Process Improvement for Power Team Product  Line at SPX This project's purpose is to assess the current cellular layout for, and to analyze the current state of activities such as material flow, storage etc. associated with SPX's Power Team product line. SPX Hydraulic Technologies Purushothaman Damodaran
Winning Profitable Orders This project's purpose is to study Driv-Lok's existing quotation process and to develop and implement solutions to reduce the time to prepare an accurate quote. Driv-Lok Inc. Purushothaman Damodaran
Process Improvements for CAT Aurora K-Series  Wheel Loader Assembly Lines This project's objective is to conduct time studies, balance the line and reduce process inefficiencies for the K-series wheel loader assembly lines. Caterpillar Inc. Purushothaman Damodaran
Implementing a Pull System for Post Paint Operations at Justrite Manufacturing Funds will be used to implement a pull system for post paint operations at Justrite Manufacturing Company. Justrite Manufacturing Company Purushothaman Damodaran
Aurora Bldg G 2014 PFEP Flow Analysis for Medium Wheel Loader Material This project's purpose is to model different areas related to one of CAT's Aurora facilities in order to identify different factors affecting total cycle time and work-in-process inventory. Caterpillar Inc. Reinaldo Moraga
Proposed Passenger Car  Seat Comparative Study  Protocol This project's purpose is to characterize the difference in physiological responses and subjective comfort across seat conditions. Faurecia Jeong Ho (Jay) Kim
Training Module Development to Exploit the Synergy between Lean Manufacturing and Green Supply Chain The purpose of this project is to design and develop training modules that will help companies to execute the synergies between lean and green practices. Illinois Manufacturing Extension Center Buyung Agusdinata

Mechanical Engineering

Air Cooling in Rotating Annular Channel Evaluation of air cooling effectiveness in an annular totaling flow channel via testing and data analysis over a range of operating conditions.  Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation Pradip Majumdar
G-2 Funds are used to develop sensor upgrades and precision placement within an extreme vacuum to improve electron detection as muohns decay during precession around a circular magnetic field. Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory Nicholas Pohlman
Development of the MU2E Preliminary Design This project will support NIU's role in developing the Muohn Beamstop, SiPM Characterization and design of the Upstream Extinction Monitor. Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory David Hedin, Nicholas Pohlman
FUN: An EAGER proposal  for the Finland-US  Network for the Study of Engagement and Learning in Games A team of U.S. (NSF-funded) and Finnish investigators are coming together to leverage their currently funded work in measurement of game-based learning to take on a radically different approach to the measurement of STEM learning. TERC Brianno Coller
Development and Validation of Physics- Based AM Models for Process Control and Quality Assurance This project's goal is to provide a complete experimental and numerical solution to meet the challenges as described in NIST's "Roadmap Workshop on Measurement Science for Metal-Based Additive Manufacturing," which when successful will ensure the widespread adoption of AM to industries that will benefit from the technology. National Institute of Standards & Technology/Technology Administration/DOC Federico Sciammarella
OSU-DOE LENS Project This project's purpose is to fabricate the Case Western thermal fatigue dunk test geometry via the LENS process. Ohio State University Federico Sciammarella
Thin Ferritic Sheet Forming Limit Tests Using Micro Grids and Small Size Dome This project's purpose is to provide testing services for General Motors relating to the forming capabilities of various thin materials. General Motors Company Jenn-Terng Gau
Resistance Spot Weldability Study of Painted Steels The purpose of this project is to conduct a three-phase research plan resulting in a recommendation for improvements to Raymor's resistance spot welding process. Raynor Worldwide Matthew Gonser
DoAll Mechanical Testing Analysis This project's goal is to determine the root cause of blade failures occurring at DoAll Sawing Products. DoAll Sawing Products Matthew Gonser


Integrated Laboratory/Industry Research Program (ILIRP) The purpose of this project is to study the various interfacial regions within the lithium-metal based electrochemical cell. Argonne National Laboratory David Schroeder
Nutritional Product Formula Review This project's purpose is to review PetAg's nutritional product formulas and production of the formulas. PetAg Inc. William Mills
MbOCA Safety Review The purpose of this project is to assess the chemical safety of MbOCA in response to the Organization for Economic Development Cooperation and Development (OECD). Polyurethane Manufacturers Association Theodore Hogan
Building Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability (EHSS) in  Very Small Businesses This project's purpose is to provide EHSS analyses and instructions to employees at small companies in the metropolitan Chicago area. Illinois Manufacturing Extension Center Theodore Hogan
Indoor Air This project's goal is to investigate environmental factors at the Moore Glass facility and to identify those that may be sensitizers. Moore Glass Theodore Hogan
CBeLSS - Case-Based e-Learning for Six Sigma This project's purpose is to create an innovative, affordable and effective online six-sigma training system for small and mid-sized manufacturing firms in Illinois. Illinois Manufacturing Extension Center Shun Takai
Energy Efficiency Workshops for Small and Medium Enterprises This project's purpose is to help small and medium companies to identify and implement ways to reduce their energy use, boost their productivity and achieve measurable energy savings. Illinois Manufacturing Extension Center Kevin Martin

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