CEET Faculty Profiles

Ibrahim M. Abdel-Motaleb Chair, Professor and Director of the Biomedical Engineering Program Electrical Engineering 815-753-8570
Abul K. M. Azad Professor Technology 815-753-0386
Shi-Jie (Gary) Chen Associate Professor Industrial and Systems Engineering 815-753-1221
B. D. Coller Professor  Mechanical Engineering 815-753-9944
Purushothaman (Purush) Damodaran Associate Professor and Chair Industrial and Systems Engineering 815-753-6748
Veysel Demir Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering 815-753-8039
Behrooz Fallahi Professor Mechanical Engineering 815-753-9964
Jenn-Terng Gau Associate Professor  Mechanical Engineering 815-753-1261
Omar A. Ghrayeb Associate Professor and

Associate Dean
Industrial and Systems Engineering

Outreach and undergraduate Programs
Liping Guo Assistant Professor Technology 815-753-1350
Abhijit Gupta Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Mechanical Engineering 815-753-9379
Michael J. Haji-Sheikh Associate Professor Electrical Engineering 815-753-9942
Reza Hashemian Professor Electrical Engineering 815-753-9930
Theodore J. Hogan Assistant Professor Technology 815-753-9912
Rao Kilaparti Assistant Professor Technology 815-753-9932
Meung J. Kim Professor Mechanical Engineering 815-753-9965
Sukgon Kim Assistant Professor Industrial and Systems Engineering 815-753-9980
Milivoje M. Kostic Professor Mechanical Engineering 815-753-9975
Murali Krishnamurthi Professor Industrial and Systems Engineering 815-753-6502
Sen M. Kuo Professor Electrical Engineering 815-753-0557
Lichuan Liu Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering 815-753-9937
Pradip Majumdar Professor and Acting Chair Mechanical Engineering 815-753-9963
Richard Marcellus Associate Professor Industrial and Systems Engineering 815-753-9971
Vincent P. McGinn Professor Electrical Engineering 815-753-9962
Cliff Mirman Professor and Chair Technology 815-753-0531
Reinaldo J. Moraga Associate Professor Industrial and Systems Engineering 815-753-8048
Shanthi Muthuswamy Assistant Professor Technology 815-753-4155
Andrew W Otieno Associate Professor Technology 815-753-1754
Said Oucheriah Professor Technology 815-753-1356
Nicholas A. Pohlman Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering 815-753-9913
Suma Rajashankar Visiting Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering 815-753-9966
Federico Sciammarella Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering 815-753-1288
Scott R. Short Assistant Professor Mechanical Engineering 815-753-8566
Robert A. Tatara Associate Professor Technology 815-753-1130
Peng-Yung Woo Professor Electrical Engineering 815-753-0706
Donald S. Zinger Associate Professor Electrical Engineering 815-753-0540