Jenn-Terng Gau

Associate Professor
Tel: 815-753-1261


  • Ph.D. (1999) in Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University
  • MS (1994) in Mechanical Engineering, University of Missouri-Rolla
  • BS (1990) in Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan Institute of Technology

Research Interests

  • Sheet metal forming, forging, microforming, high velocity micro/nano net-shape forming, and high velocity micro/nano powder forming

Work Experience

  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, NIU (2004-present)
  • Harley-Davidson Motor Company-Styled Surfaces - Technical Staff Engineer (Metal Forming R&D) (2002-2003)
  • Ford Motor Company -Aluminum Technology - Research Engineer (New Metal Forming Technology R&D) (2000-2002)
  • Ford Motor Company - C3P development/implementation/training - Stamping Engineer (1996-2000)

Professional Associations and Honors

ASME member

Selected Publications

  • Gau, J., C. Principe, and M. Yu, “Springback Behavior of Brass in Micro Sheet Forming,” Journal of Material Processing Technology, Vol. 191, No. 1-3, pp 7 --10, 2007
  • Gau, J., C. Principe and J. Wang, “An Experimental Study on Size Effects on Flow Stress and Formability of Aluminum and Brass for Microforming,” Journal of Material Processing Technology Vol. 184, No. 1--3, pp 42 --46, 2007
  • Gau, J., A. D. Dye, Y. Gaddam, and C. Arciuch, “Applying Forming Simulation to Process and Tooling Designs for Minimizing Springback in Split Dowel Manufacturing,” International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, ISSN: 0268-3768 (Print) 1433-3015 (Online), 2006
  • Gau, J., C. Principe, and F. Yang, “An Experimental Study on Influence of Size Effect on Springback of Micro Sheet Forming,” 2006 ASME International Conference on Manufacturing Science and Engineering, MSEC2006-21037, October 8-11, Ypsilanti, MI, 2006
  • Gau, J. and G. Kinzel, "A New Model for Springback Prediction for Aluminum Sheet Forming" Transactions of the ASME Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology, Vol. 127, No. 3, pp 279 --288, 2005
  • Gau, J. and G. Kinzel, "An Experimental Investigation of the Influence of the Bauschinger Effect on Springback Predictions" Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Vol. 108, pp 369 --375, 2001
  • Gau, J. and G. Kinzel, "A New Model for Springback Prediction in Which the Bauschinger Effect is Considered" International Journal of Mechanical Science Vol. 43, pp 1813 --1832, 2001

Research Projects

  • “FEA Analysis of Split Dowels”, Driv-Lok (1/05-12/05)
  • “Optimal Grooving Chisel Points”, Driv-Lok (6/05-12/06)
  • “Micro Forming Program Phase 123b”, Alion Science and Technology (8/05-2/06)
  • “Progressive Die Design”, Hoffman Tool & Die (9/05-9/06)


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