Theodore J. Hogan, PhD, CIH

Assistant Professor, Department of Technology
Tel: 815-753-9912


  • Ph.D. Public Health (Industrial Hygiene), University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health
  • M.S. Public Health (Industrial Hygiene), University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Public Health
  • B.A. Chemistry, Loyola University of Chicago

Research Interests

Environmental and Occupational Exposure to Nanoparticles, Chemical Skin Exposures and Controls, Environmental Risk Communication, Chemical Exposure Guidelines

Work Experience

  • Department of Technology, NIU (2011-present)
  • University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health, Adjunct Assistant Professor and other appointments (1980-present)
  • Industrial Hygiene and Safety Consultant to over 400 companies: OSHA compliance, environmental disasters, safety program and training development, and consulting on litigation-related occupational/environmental exposures (1990-present)
  • Benedictine University, Instructor, Public Health (half-time 2005-2009)
  • Corporate Head of Safety and Industrial Hygiene, Commonwealth Edison (1980’s)

Professional Associations and Honors

  • Threshold Limit Values Chemical Substances Committee, American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists. Member Candidate. (2012)
  • Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), #2772, Comprehensive Practice, American Board of Industrial Hygiene (1984, renewed through December 1, 2017)
  • Licensed Industrial Hygienist, State of Illinois, Environmental Protection Agency 
  • Industrial Hygiene Core Competency Project, Academy of Industrial Hygiene. (2009-2012)
  • Occupational Medicine Residency Program, University of Illinois at Chicago, Advisory Committee (1988-present)
  • American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, National Board of Directors (2008-2010)
  • American Industrial Hygiene Association - Chicago Section. Board Member (1986-1989, 1994-1995)
  • National Safety Council, Industrial Division, Occupational Health Hazards Committee. Member (1983-1984), Chairman (1985-1987)

Research Grants at NIU

  • Safety and Industrial Hygiene Assessment and Controls for Aluminum Recycling and Smelting Operations, $13,350, Midwest region company (2011-2012)
  • Practices for Preventing Skin Exposures to Isocyanates and MOCA, $4800, Polyurethane Manufacturers Association (2011), undergraduate research project
  • MOCA (4, 4’ methylene-bis-orthochloroaniline) Handling and Skin Exposure, $8,657, Texas polyurethane processing company (2011)
  • Workplace Safety and Dermal Exposure Control Program, $12,000, Suburban Chicago polyurethane processing company (2011), undergraduate research project
  • Safety Management and Safety Training, $6000, Joliet area cheese company (2011), undergraduate research project

Previous Research Grants

  • MBOCA Handling Practices of PMA Members (at Benedictine University), Principal Investigator, $30,000. Polyurethane Manufacturers Association (2009)
  • Personal Protection Management Program (at Commonwealth Edison), Project Manager and Principal Investigator, $278,000. Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI RP#2705-6) (1987-1988)
  • Personal Protection Used in Nuclear Power Plants (at Commonwealth Edison), Co-investigator, $175,000. Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI RP#2705-1) (1985-1986)

Selected Publications and Conference Papers

  • Hogan, T.J., Air Sampling, Chapter 16 in Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene, Barbara A. Plog and Patricia J. Quinlan, editors, 6th Edition, National Safety Council, Itasca, IL (ISBN: 978-0-87912-312-3) (August 2012)
  • Gonser, M. (NIU CEET), Hogan, T.J., Arc Welding Health Effects, Fume Formation Mechanisms, and Characterization Methods, Chapter in Arc Welding, Wladislav Sudnik, Editor, InTech Publishing, Rijeka, Croatia (ISBN 978-953-307-642-3) (December 2011)
  • Watson, A. (NIU undergrad), Hogan, T.J., Putting Dermal Exposure Control in Workers Hands, Professional Conference on Industrial Hygiene, Baltimore (2011)
  • Hogan, T.J., Assessing Effectiveness of Dermal Exposure Control Work Practices in the Castable Polyurethane Industry, presentation at Occupational and Environmental Exposure of the Skin to Chemicals Conference, Toronto, June 2011. Abstract published in journal Dermatitis (in press, 2011)
  • Hogan, T.J., Fowle, C., Mamani, M., Effectiveness of Voluntary Work Practice Guidelines in Reducing Dermal Exposures, presentation at American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Expo, Denver (2010)
  • Hogan, T.J., Ensuring Effective Risk Communication Before and During a Disaster, chapter in Emergency Management in Higher Education, Publisher: Public Entity Risk Institute (ISBN 978-0-9793722-1-6) (2008)
  • Hogan, T.J., Elements and the Skin, (Session Arranger), American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Expo, Chicago (2006)
  • Hogan, T.J., Picking the ‘Right’ Glove is Wrong, presentation at American Industrial Hygiene Conference & Expo, Dallas (2003)
  • Hogan, T.J., Case Study Carcinogens: The MBOCA Example, American Industrial Hygiene Association Journal, (August 1993)
  • Hogan, T.J., Foreword, and revisions to Particulate Matter, and Temperature Extremes, Chapters in Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene, National Safety Council, 3rd Ed. (1988)
  • Hogan, T.J., Safety Procedures in Photography, section in book The New Photography, Reeve, K., and Sward, Prentice Hall (1984)
  • Main, D., and Hogan, T.J., Health Effects of Low Level Exposure to Formaldehyde, Journal of Occupational Medicine (December, 1983)
  • Wadden, R.A., Allen, R.A., Scheff, P.A., and Hogan, T.J., Aerosol Size Characteristics in Chicago Air, Proc. 5th International Clean Air Congress (1980)

Student Engaged Learning

  • Metal Processing Material Handling Safety, Tech 441, Fall 2011. Tech 440, Spring 2012. DeKalb area company
  • Industrial Hygiene Sampling and Chemical Exposure Control Program, Tech 437, Fall 2011. Tech 440, Spring 2012. Suburban Chicago company
  • Senior Design Project: Chemical Processing Equipment, Tech 477, Tech 478, 2011-2012. Suburban Chicago company