Dr. Darrell "Doc" Newell

Dr. Darrell “Doc” Newell was a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Electrical Engineering.  On April 21, 2005, "Doc" was presented the F.R. Geigle Award by the NIU Alumni Association at its annual awards ceremony in Chicago. The Geigle award is presented to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding service and commitment to the best interests of Northern Illinois University. This service may have been given in the classroom, in other university activities, or in the wider community. This award may be given to non-alumni of Northern.

In honor of "Doc"'s contribution to the department and college, the Electrical Engineering Department Suite is forever named "The "Doc" Darrell and Betty Newell Electrical Engineering Suite".  If you would like to make a contribution to the "Doc" and Betty Newell Scholarship in memoriam of "Doc",  you may do so on the NIU Foundation website.  (Be sure to write in that your gift is designated to the "'Doc' and Betty Newell Scholarship")

A recollection from "Doc" (excerpted from a letter written to his former students): 

"I can recall walking into class one day and in my typical fashion I was thinking of the lecture I was to give.  I did notice that all of the students were wearing the same yellow colored T shirts.  Bob Ellis and some of the other students had made a silk screen of my picture and silk screened the image on the shirts.  There I was trying to lecture with 32 pictures of Doc Newell following me around the room.  That would frighten anyone.  Bob had talked Kathy (my daughter) into drawing the picture."



 Doc Newell NIU CEET

Dr. Darrell Newell

Professor Emeritus 
College of Engineering & Technology
Northern Illinois University


Doc Newell NIU CEET