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Senior Design Spring 2013

Presentation Information

May 3, 2013 


In addition to completing your senior design, you are required to complete 2 posters and present a presentation to faculty, staff, judges, and corporate partners of the college. Below are the details of these requirements


1.  Senior Design Prep Night:  April 3rd, 2013 EB 354 at 6:15 (Pizza Served)

Your final presentations will be judged by your faculty advisor, corporate judges from industry, and our Alumni Society, ETAS. ETAS hosts this preperation night to prepare you for the presentation. Don't miss this opportunity to get a head start on your competition.

Matt Kroll from ETAS will give you tips on surviving senior design, explain the rubric by which you are judged (remember...winners get money!), and answer your questions.

2.  Open Video Sessions

Practicing your presentations in front of a video camera is a great way to fine tune your communication skills.  We will have 2 videographers available to you during time slots on April 16, 17, and 18.  You can sign up for sessions during senior design prep night, or the day after via an email that will come to your inbox. You most likely will not be finished with your presentations. But, you can still practice parts of the presentations. Groups or individuals will be given cds to take home and critique.

3.  Large Poster

  • Design your large poster by using this template:  Large Poster (Use Conference Poster at bottom of that page)
  • Submit your poster directly to Mariano Spizzirri in Media Services via email. Make sure to copy Amanda Carrier on that email (acarrier@niu.edu)
  • POSTERS ARE DUE TO HIM BY 4:30 on April 10th, 2013 (This is because you must use your poster at Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day on April 23)

4.  Small Poster

5.  Presentation Schedule

The official presentation schedule will be complete by the beginning of April.  The schedule will be emailed to you and posted on this website.

6.  Undergraduate Research and Artistry Day: April 23, 2013

It is a requirement of senior design spring 2013 that you also take your posters to this event. For more information, visit this website and speak with your advisors.

7. Senior Design Day

All students, parents, friends, staff, and faculty are invited to view presentations, eat lunch, and celebrate the completion of your undergraduate career. Please be sure to invite guests.

For a copy of the senior design day schedule, click here.