ETAS Mission Statement

Support the NIU College of Engineering and Engineering Technology by combining professional experience and passion for continued student and alumni development.


Sponsor a Student Project

Help a student and your company at the same time - make a difference and support a student project.

The College of Engineering and Engineering Technology at NIU requires engineering and technology majors to complete a capstone project before graduation. The capstone offers the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills gained in classes and labs to a real-life application of product design, system solution, or process improvement. Many of these projects address specific requests from local industry.

Student teams integrate several engineering disciplines to solve real-life engineering problems. All projects are researched, documented, written up as a report, and presented in a professional manner. Most of the projects utilize principles of concurrent engineering.


You can sponsor a student project in one or more of the following ways:

  • Provide an engineering topic for the student to focus on
  • Offer a current company engineering project for the student to evaluate
  • Provide equipment or other resources that support the student project
  • Fund a student project

Your assistance and support of student projects help students get a feel for the challenges they will encounter as a professional: solving important problems, working with interdisciplinary teams, discovering new information, planning systems and timelines, selling and presenting the solutions, and feeling a sense of pride in their accomplishments.