Undergraduate Academic Advising

In Spring 2013, the College of Engineering and Engineering Technology (CEET) implemented a hybrid advising model and formed the Central Advising Office (CAO). The CAO provides academic advising for all CEET students who have not yet met the Academic Success Marker for their major.

For engineering (ELE, ISYE and MEE) majors, that means they will be advised in the CAO until they pass MATH 230 with a C or better. TECH majors are advised in the CAO until they pass MATH 110 with a C or better.

Once a student passes the appropriate level of math for their major, they will be transferred to the major department, where they will receive advising from a faculty member for the remainder of their academic career at CEET.

Contact the Central Advising Office 

If you are an ELE, ISYE or MEE major who has not yet passed MATH 230 with a C or better, or you are a TECH major who has not yet passed MATH 110 with a C or better, call 815-753-8024 to set up an advising appointment.

Contact Your Department to Find Your Faculty Advisor

Electrical Engineering

Industrial & Systems Engineering - Get Your Advising Form (Health, Manufacturing, Management)

Mechanical Engineering - Get Your Advising Form (Current Student, Transfer)

Technology - Get Your Advising Form

Undergraduate Advising Process

  1. If you have reached or surpassed your Academic Success Marker, stop in during your faculty advisor's open office hours or contact your advisor directly to schedule an appointment. Print a copy of your Academic Requirements Report in MyNIU. Obtain an advising form you’re your major department. Complete the advising form with your advisor based on your Academic Requirements Report. Ask questions!
  2. Be sure to have your advisor release your advising hold in MyNIU if needed. CEET undergraduate students will NOT be able to register for ANY courses until that hold is cleared.
  3. Register for classes in MyNIU during the appropriate enrollment period -- official registration for the summer session and fall semester begins in April and for spring semester in November.

Graduate Advising Process

  1. Obtain an advising form from your department office and meet with your assigned advisor prior to course registration.
  2. Obtaining permission does NOT guarantee you a seat in the class.  You still MUST register during the appropriate enrollment period.
  3. Register at MyNIU.
  4. Obtain and completed needed forms including overload requests and thesis forms at

 Success Tips

  • Commit to the advising process
  • Contact and meet with your advisor each semester
  • Learn about policies, procedures and college rules
  • Take advantage of the "free" resources to enhance your education
  • Ask for help right away
  • Assume responsibility for course scheduling, program planning, and completion of graduation requirements
  • Go to class--every class, every day!